Charity Work

Clive & McMillan Mascot - Jan 2014Bensons are always happy to support worthwhile charities in whatever way possible and whenever we can.

In 2013, our first year of charity fundraising – with the help of customer support, we raised £1,500.00 which was split between Children in Need & Macmillan Cancer Support.

PAQQ8745 Bensons
Macmillan Supporter

In 2014, our charity amount increased to a fantastic £2,075.00. Once again, this amount was split equally between two charities – Macmillan Cancer Support & The Walton Centre (Neurological Unit – Liverpool). The latter being a charity prompted by Ellie Calder – a beautiful young lady who lives locally to Bensons and who has become an inspiration to so many. To read about Ellie’s story, go to the Daily Mail Online and type in “The student who has survived THREE Brain Haemorrhages”. The title suggests a person who might well be struggling to find a reason for smiling and enjoying life but oh how wrong that is – thanks largely to the dedication and hard work of The Walton Centre team. “Keep going Ellie – we are all so proud of you xxx”

Bensons - Macmillan Support 2014